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Edit metadata with facial recognition and text detection

Caption Pro is an innovative Mac & Windows app that makes editing metadata more accurate, less stressful, and up to 5x faster. Think of it as the captioning side of Photo Mechanic but with self improving facial recognition and accurate text / number detection. Whether you work in sports, celebrity, or editorial photography, Caption Pro can be seamlessly integrated into your current workflow straight out of the box, immediately giving you the edge over your competition.

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Caption Pro in action on a laptop
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Facial Recognition Has Arrived

Caption Pro can analyse images as soon as they are saved into a folder of your choice, building up a list of suggestions for each face in an image.

Access Caption Pro’s database of over 100 thousand (and counting) celebrities and people of interest

Build your own private database that learns as you use Caption Pro to help recognize lesser known people. Your personal database can be shared with your team or agency.

Smart filters and other tools ensure only the people you are interested in end up in your caption

Nolan Arenado
Colorado Rockies
Jack Johnson
Denver Pioneers
Barry Block
Denver Pioneers
John Smith
Team GB

Text and Number Detection

Caption Pro also utilizes text and number detection in order to quickly and accurately associate names with sports players in situations when the subjects head is out of shot or facing away from the camera.

Create and share player lists amongst your team so that everyone can caption with confidence. Changes to teams can be quickly and easily updated so your records stay up to date with the fast moving world of sport.

Selected players combine seamlessly with detected faces and are outputted through formulas into your metadata fields, cutting down the time required for your job.

Formulas Change The Game

Formulas allow you to unleash the full power of Caption Pro. Set your metadata rules once, and let Caption Pro take care of the rest.

A formula is an easy to use way of placing dynamic content in your metadata fields. Want a list of comma separated names that changes based on who is in the image? Use the people formula. Want to change a word based on the number of people in the image? Use the plural formula. Want to duplicate the contents of another field? Use the duplicate formula. Formulas can even be used to modify the filename of your exported images by automatically inserting the names of who is in the photo, or an incrementing numerical sequence.

In short, Caption Pro’s combination of formulas, facial recognition, and text detection, mean that manually filling out all your metadata fields and filenames is a thing of the past.

Caption / Description

Professional Metadata Editing

Quickly read, edit and save metadata across more than 50 industry standard IPTC and XMP metadata fields, with older IIM and XMP-core fields being synchronized automatically.

Import images from many standard formats.

Import / Export metadata templates and Caption Pro formulas to share with your team.

Export images to multiple disk or FTP destinations simultaneously.

Advanced Code Replacement

For situations where text has to be manually input into metadata fields, text code replacement speeds things up massively.

Output commonly used phrases with just a single letter.

Code lists are compatible with existing industry .txt code replacement files so getting started is as easy as selecting a file.

Caption Pro text code replacement panel
Caption Pro agency management dashboard

Manage Your Agency Users

Grant or remove access to Caption Pro for members of your agency and monitor their usage from the Agency dashboard.

Set processing limits to easily manage costs.

On-boarding and training days will get your team up to speed quickly.

Don’t just take our word for it

Brett Sykes
Dave Benett Photos
"...recently decided to test my old workflow against my new one with Caption Pro - I edited 64 images. In my old workflow, it took just over 16 minutes to caption (and I'm fast!). Using Caption Pro, it took 3. THREE!!!"
Jason Sheldon
Junction 10 Photography
"Fanastic product, and great support! The app is a real timesaver - it's saved me HOURS of having to trawl through various wikipedia pages to try and identify celebrities (from a range of A-Z lists!) to identify people who I'm not familiar with."
Lucy Stewart
Freelance Photographer, Photo Editor and Artist
"It saves a huge amount of time because I no longer type out who is in the photo, especially if it is a group photo with many faces, I now just press one button to confirm who is in the photo and done! Overall it makes my workflow a-lot simpler and speedier and a must have in such a competitive industry."
* No credit card details required